Fine Hats/Bespoke Design

Alma Hats are all handmade In Santa Cruz CA. Starting with consciously sourced vintage beaver blend fur felt hat bodies from the 1960's through the 1980's. Each hat starts off by being steamed. This loosens the interlocking fibers and makes the felt pliable. I then block the felt using a wood 'bashing' block to size and form the crown dimensions. Ironing out the brim and crown is next, 'pouncing' the material to smooth and increase the density of the hat. I remove the hat from the block and set to dry in the sun. Finally I hand crease the crown and lightly singe off any stray fibers. The hat is then brushed and ready to sew in the calf leather sweatband and tack glue in the satin liner. The styling stage is next, this is when the hat band is produced to fit the color and aesthetic of the hat or the client in the case of a bespoke commission.


Each hat is one of a kind, made with the greatest care, attention to detail and finest hand chosen materials. Weather you choose ready to wear or commission a bespoke design, with your personal style or loved one in mind, Gould Studios/ALMA HATS has your comfort and satisfaction in mind, and it is my pleasure to produce these exquisite hats for you.

© 2015 by Noah Gould 

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